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               Jack and Sergio were chatting whilst sitting in a café.  

‘ Actually I was now thinking of the American Red-Indians and their Rain Dance …’ said Jack. You do know that when there was a drought, they used to gather together and just dance until the rain poured! 
   ‘Yes!’, said Sergio, ‘and that reminds me also of that Japanese scientist, Dr Emoto and his experiments with water, perhaps not absolutely scientific, I don’t know, but do you know what he did? He kept water in transparent glass cylinders, and when he would ask a specific group of people to look at the water with thoughts of anger, guess what? The water would become dark and murky. Then when he would ask another group to look at another cylinder with water, this time with thoughts of peace and love…

Jack – The water would be nice and clear?

Sergio- That is what he says. 

Jack  -   Hmmm! What do we know?



 2017- April      On Mary, Mother of Jesus :
            1946 – 13th May : The Papal Legate, Cardinal Masella, crowned Our Lady of Fatima “Queen of the World”, on  
                          the 30th Anniversary of the consecration of the nation of Portugal to Mary Immaculate.
2017-04-08    -An article for 'The Southern Cross' :
Author: Maria Victoria Pereira (M.A. in Religious Studies)                                                                                                                                                                    cell: 072 1174 193
                                          What happened in 1917 at Fatima in Portugal?
What happened?...  Now in 2017, on the 13th of October, it will be 100 years since a ‘scientifically inexplicable ' phenomena took place – one that was seen by more than 70,000 people.
This incredible event happened in the same year that Marxism took over Russia. Scientists declared it to be an ‘unexplained solar phenomena’. In recent years scientists tested the terrain at Fatima where the phenomena took place. They found radiation at the site and interestingly, this radiation is not harmful to human beings.
   So, what really did happen? Well… Let’s imagine!... 
13th of October 1917… you are on a valley… thousands of people all around you… all wearing rain coats and umbrellas.  It is raining. (It had been pouring with rain for two days all over Portugal.) The terrain is sopping wet. But, despite the conditions, people came to see the promised miracle, a miracle promised (by the Virgin Mary, or Lady of Light) to three little shepherds who were being persecuted for saying that they had visions of the Mother of Jesus requesting prayer and penance and the praying of the rosary as a means not only of saving souls but of bringing peace into the world. The visionaries had asked the Lady for a miracle, so that people would believe…
So… back to our imagined scenario of the 13th of October 1917:- You are standing, in the Serra de Aire, in Fatima, surrounded by thousands of people, all with their umbrellas and raincoats. The continuous rain has left the ground soaking wet, and shows no sign of letting up. It is near twelve o’clock.
Suddenly one of three visionaries, says:
 -  ‘Look at the sun!’
   Looking into the clouds you see the sun bursting forth and spiraling towards the earth, the colors of the rainbow swirling everywhere. People cry, thinking that they are all going to die, they cry, they kneel, they pray… After about 15 minutes the sun stops spiraling and slowly fades. Everything is back to normal!
   Well, not really… for everything was now dry! Inexplicably, bone dry.
Scientifically, it is regarded that the amount of heat needed for this to happen in such short space of time, would have incinerated everyone present! People, more than 80 kms away, saw the swirling of the colours of the rainbow. These were people who did not even know or remember that a ‘miracle’ had been promised to the children – the miracle the children had requested ‘so that people would believe what that ‘Lady made of Light’ was telling them. She had indicated to the children that people don’t believe because of miracles, however had agreed she would comply with their request.
And the indisputable and momentous truth is that now, 100 years later, the message of Fatima is still causing vibrations and heated discussions. Some two years ago, there was a conference in Canada, on this very topic. It included 28 speakers, some lawyers and journalists, and many of them not even Catholic.
According to the American historian W.T.Walsh, who went to Portugal to do research on the subject, we must give attention to the request made by that 'Lady with a peace plan from heaven'.   Her message includes prophecies of future disasters and wars ' if people don't repent and pray, especially praying the Rosary’- which includes meditations on the life of Christ.
    What are we seeing today? How many wars? Tsunamis, droughts…?
How do we know that the peace of our future, and that of our children, that the peace in the world, does not depend on something brought to our attention at this incredible event. Is it possible our future peace is dependent on the humble acceptance by a sufficient number of people of this other Pathway for  Peace – a  message delivered to three children in Fatima, by that ' Lady made of Light ', the so-called  'Mother of the World’?
Should we, because of our different religious views, close our eyes and like the ostrich, bury our heads on the sand and ignore what happened? Or, must we acknowledge it and think, use our intelligence to ponder and strengthen our faith?
What was that? Seen by 70.000 people! The, then director, of the Lisbon newspaper, was an atheist who had gone to Fatima ‘to laugh at the innocence of the people.’ It amused him that people believed in three children claiming to be receiving apparitions from Mary, mother of Jesus, with a special request for prayers and penance for Peace in the world.   This cynic, after watching what happened, wrote in his newspaper:
   -  ‘If God does not exist, I don’t know what that was!’


Sunday, 30 October 2016

2016-10-31      To all 'coincidences' freaks - you are getting there.... Don't slip! ...  Keep humble!
                        (Thanks to Jorge Ferraz who has this on his facebook)

' According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that
 a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is
that  you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom  is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point that you actually experience the miraculous.'        Deepak Chopra                   


Saturday, 22 October 2016

Again in 2015

Still 2015! I was asked  now in 2016 to put this on my blog and so here it is - it is part of the story I want to publish titled 'The Joshua Story' which tells about all the 'strange' synchronicity that happened after our little one left this world. To God be the glory!

2015-09-06 Sunday


The ‘Mckenzie and the Blackberry’, episode


On the 9th of August I was feeling quite sad and lonely, for various reasons, when I went to Mass at 5 pm, at Our Lady of Lourdes in Westville. I stayed in the back pews. Yes, tears would fall suddenly as I  remembered my little one.

   At the end of the Mass, when coming out, I saw a good looking man coming towards me with a smile on his face and he asked how I was. I then recognized him. It was that extremely well-mannered friend of Andrew who was helping with serving drinks and food to everybody at their place after the accident…

   ‘Are you a Catholic?’, I asked, surprised. ‘Yes.’, he replied.

   After some small chat, we separated and I walked towards the parking lot but suddenly stopped to see if I could retrieve a message that I had received, when at Mass. I thought it was from my daughter, as they were arriving then from that conference Andrew had gone to, in India. The area I was in was quite dark and there was no one around. Suddenly I saw someone near me, asking, ’Do you need anything?’ It was him again. He had left his family in the car, car revving, and had come to see if I needed something.

   ‘You again?’, I asked, surprised. ‘I am just trying to retrieve this message from my daughter, but I am not familiar with this cell phone which I got now from my son’, I said.

   He offered to help and then went back to his car, sitting  there and waiting until I was out and on my way. I could not believe so much courtesy… when I got home and remembered him suddenly appearing in the dark next to me, I felt as if he had been an angel, and I did thank Jesus for the comfort it gave me.

   At home I then tried to look again at the message in the Blackberry and guess what I see? A screen that looked like the page of a diary and read







I first thought that perhaps Ana Luisa had sent me something by mistake from Andrew’s phone… but what I read did not make much sense. It actually was:

      Conference call     

      Date:               Aug. 9         (that Sunday’s  date)

      Time open:     5:00           

      Time closing: 6:00  (this was the time of the Mass I had been to: 5pm to 6pm)

  And when I rolled down, it read,

       Place: Jerusalem.


I was amazed. Why ‘Jerusalem’? If it had anything to do with Andrew’s travelling, they had gone to India not Israel!  I phoned my neighbor and told her that I wanted to show her something, it seemed that I was going cuckoo!  She read it, and neither she nor a friend who was with her, could work out how I got it or what it was about.  Eventually we lost it. But... they are my witnesses and the verdict is:  ‘it was weird’.

   What did it mean to me? It was to me as if that experience I had of being helped ‘by an angel’ was being confirmed in that exact  message which had the date and time of the Mass and the mentioning of that place in Jesus’s life, Jerusalem. What I mean is that on that day that I was feeling so lonely, God kind of ‘sent me’ some consolation through the unexpected assistance, albeit ‘insignificant’, of another Christian. If this makes any sense to the reader, I don’t know.

    But I say, ‘Indeed, Praise God for His amazing grace!’ and in faith I say:

    ‘We are not alone. He is with us! Always!’

    Yes, ‘God is Not Dead’!  


NB: To be noted that I never saw Mckenzie again at that church until a year later on Sunday the 16th of October 2016!


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Still in 2015!

2015-01-20    I have not written for a long time… I need to say first that sadly, my friend Carol Watkinson who did the beautiful collection of slides for my Talk on ‘Pathways for Peace…’  passed away in October last year. She had cancer. I never heard her complain.  Peace to your soul, dear Friend! I do miss you. Thank you for what you did and for what you tried to do.  



2015 - I received an unsettling email some days ago, about some Arabs sewing, in cold blood, the eye and mouth of a girl who proclaimed to be a Christian! That is what I read. Is it true?!... It had a shocking photo of her… and ‘the media chose to ignore …’, it says.

   It is up to us to believe it or not, to think about it or to just move on. I chose to stop and share some thoughts - especially after the 'Paris tragedy'.

    What hurts me is to see how these fanatics are apparently 'winning' and making waves, of terror if nothing else, whilst as a friend of mine was saying, 'followers of Christ choose to remain in silence not to upset family or friends and just let them be, or watch TV.... possibly even porno... to pass time'.

Do we, Christians, not believe that there is power in 'prayer' , in going to church, to Mass, if a Catholic, and receiving the Body of Christ present in the Eucharist? Do we try to find out what is happening at Medjugorje where Mary appears constantly with the same message as at Fatima in Portugal:

‘Pray, Pray! For Peace in the world! For the salvation of Souls! Bless those that hurt you! Pray!’ ?

Apparently each year more and more youngsters are going to Medjugorje to pray!

But we prefer, some of us, to shout NO to RELIGION!

   It is too scary! Don't teach it to children! Give them freedom of Choice! Freedom of... Speech!

I honestly feel sorry for them, for us, for the consequences of this way of thinking.

   Religion is, unfortunately,  often USED for political ends, that is true! But for me what it means comes from the Latin word 'religare', meaning to 'reconnect'. Reconnect what? The Created and the Creator! Humanity and God! But that is our choice...yes. So, ARE CHILDREN SUPPOSED TO GROW and NOT BE TAUGHT about GOD,  and then  WHEN ADULTS, DECIDE? IS THAT GOING TO WORK? Did it work for the American psychologist who started the new 'youth education revolution'? His son committed suicide at about 30 years of age... How WILL WE JUSTIFY the Morals we might want to teach them? Why are we so scared to hurt their sensitivity and impose our rules, at least whilst they live with us, their parents ? Do we want to 'make friends' or be 'parents'?

   IS IT NOT FROM THE CRADDLE THAT A CHILD NEEDS TO BE NURTURED AND OR DISCIPLINED TO LEARN TO CURB SELFISHNESS AND OPEN THE HEART TO GOODNESS? TO JESUS, THE SON OF GOD - who died for us on a Cross? Our God is a loving God that allows freedom of choice! It is up to us to choose, yes! And to choose whether to place in our children's hearts the knowledge of the 'Way' - to Freedom, to Love, to Peace'! Jesus' Way!

   Please do read Peter Hitchens's 'The Rage against God'. I mentioned him last year in a talk. In his opinion, 'without God, morals will have no leg to stand on'. This journalist, a Christian converted to communism who lived in Russia and Somalia, shocked with all that he saw there and years later in England, he converted back to being a Christian. The link to the talk, if you are interested, is:

   May God bless us all! Let us pray for the confused, the wrong doers, the proud, the scared! For us , for our families. Let us pray for enlightnement and perseverance, for forgiveness and for loving kindness.   For Peace in the world!  

   Bless you for reading this. Thank you.

Friday, 14 October 2016

My Talk at the Church of S Jose

2014- 03 - 08  

 I am pleased to say that my Talk on the 8th of March at the Church of San José went very well.

There were more than 50 people and many came forward to tell me how much they had enjoyed it.

The title of the talk was ‘Pathways for Peace – The Tale, the Dialogue and …what else?’ There is a video of it which I intend to upload on Youtube. (THIS HAS BEEN DONE)  Why? First, it is in a way some kind of legacy, especially for my grand-children. Second because it brings up issues that I consider food for thought. Third, it is a means of contributing to Peace in the world, especially when considering the ‘peace plan from heaven’ as historian W T Walsh called it: the message given to three little shepherds at Fatima in Portugal, by the ‘Lady made of Light’. This was supported by that powerful ‘miracle of the sun’ seen by more than 70 000 people.

   This talk is based on my intervention presented in Portugal in October 2013, at the ‘Migrant Women Worldwide’ Conference which I have previously spoken about.

   I must confess that at the end of the talk, I forgot (!) to ask if there were any questions, which was a pity indeed. Blame the migraine! Well, I am sure there will be another occasion to do so in the near future.

  Thanks again to Carol Watkinson for the very well done power point presentation.